Zombie Flesh-Eaters 2 title

AKA: Zombie 2, Zombi 3, Zombie 3

Tag Line : The Hand Returns.

Zombie Flesh-Eaters 2OK I suppose before I go into the review I'd better do a little explaining about this title. This film is actually the movie Zombi 3, which although has virtually nothing to do plot wise with Zombie Flesh-Eaters (which was released as Zombi 2 in Italy) did in actual fact start out as being a supposed "official" sequel to that film.

Lucio Fulci was originally hired to direct, but quit before completion due to ill health, and so was replaced by Bruno Mattei, who had also directed the laughable Zombie Creeping Flesh. The script was by Claudio Fragasso (who also worked with Mattei on that film), and the end result was a laughable mish-mash of different ideas that really makes you wonder in which context your supposed to view the film.

In all fairness the movie actually starts out quite well, as a group of terrorists pull off a daring raid at a top secret US Army research facility, set somewhere (presumably) in the Philippines. Following a brief shootout with the guards, the surviving terrorist manages to steal some sample containers of a highly toxic bacteriological weapon called 'Death-1', which can bring the dead back to life.

Problems start when the army shoot the containers out of his hand, cracking the seals on the storage case and infecting him with the virus. Escaping his pursuers, he hides up at a countryside hotel, but manages to spread the zombie virus to the other people staying there. The army arrive soon after and manage to contain the infection at the hotel, but make the foolish mistake of burning the infected bodies.

This is where the film starts to go downhill rapidly as it quickly turns into a parody of "Return of the Living Dead", as the fumes from contaminate the countryside, turning people in the infected area into zombies (it even includes a zombie attacking it's former girlfriend and saying "I'm thirsty for your brains"). A group of US soldiers on leave from their barracks get trapped in the contaminated area along with a group of young girls in their camper truck and find themselves fighting a series of running battles with the undead on one side and the army's anti-contamination squad on the other.

Whilst this doesn't sound like such a bad concept (even if it had been done before), the films logic just seems to deteriorate the more the film progresses. We have zombie birds attacking humans (no doubt ripped off a Hitchcock film), zombie heads that come flying out of refrigerators, kung-fu zombies, zombie radio DJ's, and to top it all off, zombie babies that come bursting out of their mothers. The film doesn't even subscribe to zombie lore, seems you don't have to shoot them in the head to kill them and whilst a lot of the zombies are your standard slow moving type, a lot of them can actually move quite fast (checkout the scene at the deserted petrol station which was sped up and looked like a fight scene from a Carry On film)

It seems that by the end of the film, the film makers couldn't be bothered and were just playing it for laughs. A great pity considering the film started so well. I can really only recommend this to zombie film fans, mainstream horror fans would be best avoiding it.

Overall marks : 4/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • The films Italian title "Zombi 3" should not be confused with the film "Nights of Terror" (AKA "Burial Ground") which was released as Zombie 3 in Holland.

  • It was commonly believed that Fulci only shot the first 7 minutes of the film before his departure. But whilst Mattei is often credited as filming the main bulk of the picture, according to actress Beatrice Ring, Fulci did in fact film almost the entire feature. The reason for the similarity to Mattei's other films, was due to producer/scriptwriter Claudio Fragrasso. who also worked on those pictures, messing things up during the editing stage.

  • Producer/scriptwriter Claudio Fragasso went on to direct a similar film entitled "After Death" (aka Zombie 4), which was released here in the UK as "Zombie Flesh-Eaters 3". He also worked on the ill fated horror comedy "Troll 2" with Joe D'Amato.

  • Apparently the movie was originally filmed in ArriVision 3-D, but was never shown in 3-D outside of Italy.

  • The special cosmetic effects were by Franco Digirolamo, who also worked on Fulci's "The Smuggler", "The Black Cat" and "New York Ripper". His other credits include Umberto Lenzi's "Nightmare City" and Fragasso's "After Death".

  • French born actress Beatrice Ring, who played the female lead Patricia, was the daughter of the head of VP Distribution, who work for the United Artists filmgroup. She appeared in 3 other Italian films following the release of Zombi 3, although these days she can be found working as a graphic designer in Southern California.

  • Deran Safarian, who plays the lead soldier Ken, is the son of director Richard Sarafian (best known for directing the 1971 road movie "Vanishing Point"). He went onto become a director in his own right, his early credits including "Mutant 2". His most notable film being the 1994 Charlie Sheen film "Terminal Velocity". These days he mainly produces and directs US TV shows, his credits include "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "CSI", and "House MD".

  • Most releases of the film omitted a 5 minute pre-credit sequence, showing a failed attempt to reanimate a corpse. For many years, this scene could only be found on the Japanese VHS and DVD. The US DVD by Shriek Show included it, but it was taken from a video master tape so was of lesser quality to the rest of the disc. It was only after an extensive search by UK distributors 88 Films that the original elements were finally found and included on their BD and DVD release in 2015.

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