Ed Gein

AKA: In the Light of the Moon

Tag line : It really happened!

Ed GeinSerial killer Ed Gein has inspired many a horror film over the years, from "Psycho" to "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and even "Silence of the Lambs", so it seems only fitting that his life story should be the subject of bio-drama, although why it wasn't until the year 2000 that someone decided to do it is something of a mystery.

Set in Wisconsin during the late 40's, B-movie actor Steve Railsback takes on the films titular role as the deranged country farmer, as the film follows the bizarre, macabre lifestyle of this outwardly shy and reclusive person, who allegedly killed several women and was responsible for robbing the graves of numerous others during this era.

Ed comes across as something of a simpleton, and in many ways seems a pitiable character who's psyche was warped by his overbearing mother which lead, upon her death, to his fascination with death, resurrection and necrophilia, which in turn lead to his obsession with grave robbery, cannibalism and eventually murder.

Though not particularly gory, this is an interesting look at one of America's earliest serial killers and stays fairly true to the original case (much more so than the 2007 film with Kane Hodder), though the cannibalistic aspect of his crimes is somewhat downplayed here.

Definitely worth a watch though.

Overall Marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Before DAHMER, Before GACY, There was ED", "The true story behind Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "The Truth is more terrifying than any fiction!".

  • The films original title was "In the light of the moon", this was changed prior to release as they decided it wasn't commercial enough.

  • Set in Wisconsin, the film was actually made on location outside of Los Angeles, California.

  • Steve Railsback, who also co-produced, is a prominent B-movie actor. His credits include "Devil's Rejects", "Disturbing Behaviour", "Lifeforce" and "Turkey Shoot" (Blood Camp Thatcher). He has also played the part of Charlie Manson in the cult 70's movie "Helter Skelter".

  • Certain characters had to be renamed as permission to use their real names could not be sought. Most notably Ed's last victim Bernice Wordon, who in this is named Collette Marshall. Also, the person who in the original case was her son Frank Wordon was a character named Brian Hillman in this.

  • Chuck Parello also directed "Henry Portrait of the Serial Killer 2 : Mask of Sanity". He went on to direct the serial killer biopic "The HIllside Strangler".

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