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AKA: Mangiati Vivi, Mangiati Vivi dai Cannibali, Eaten Alive by the Cannibals, The Emerald Jungle, Doomed to Die.

Tag Line : They didn't have a chance!

Eaten AliveNot to be confused with the Tobe Hooper film "Death Trap", which was titled "Eaten Alive" for its US release, this film is actually another vile cannibal offering from the infamous Umberto Lenzi, who also directed the brutal "Cannibal Ferox".

The film stars Euro-Horror regular Janet Agren as Sheila Morris, who's searching for her long lost sister Dianne, who has run off with some bizarre religious cult. Discovering that the cult are operating out of some compound  in the jungles of New Guinea. She hires former Vietnam-veteran Mark Butler (Robert Kerman), to try and help track her down.

Heading into the jungle, they immediately have a run-in with a rather unfriendly alligator, which overturns their canoe and eats one of their guides. Forced to make the rest of the journey on foot, they then have a run-in with an even more unfriendly cannibal tribe, who subsequently eat their other guide, before they're rescued by some members from the religious cult they're searching for.

After being taken to their camp, they are introduced to the cult's leader, the mad Jonas (Ivan Rassimov) who's favourite pass-times are drugging and brainwashing his followers, sexually assaulting the females in his sect and trying out different shades of eye shadow to see which one makes him look the most menacing.

Deciding they should leave as soon as possible, they grab Shelia's sister and with the aid of a sympathetic cult member named Mowara (Me Me Lai), they escape into the jungle. Only to come up against more of Jonas followers, who in turn come up against the local cannibal tribe again, (who rather resemble a Hawaiian, an Oriental and a sun-tanned American), who proceed to start cutting off various body parts of Jonas's group and eating them.

Managing to escape, but with the cannibals hot on their trail, Mark tries to lead the others to safety, hoping they can attract the attention of the authorities that are closing in on Jonas's encampment, before the pursuing cannibals can have them for dinner...

Whilst the film does feature an interesting cast of well known Eurohorror stalwarts, including Janet Agren and American actor Mel Ferrer (of Nightmare City fame), this really is a movie that will only appeal to fans of the cannibal genre owing to its graphic excesses. The film is your typical early 80s cannibal exploitation fare, with natives displaying their usual lack of table manners by eating with their mouths open and there's also the usual slew of genuine animal mutilations, which range from a muskrat fighting a snake, to an alligator having a knife rammed through its skull and an iguana being skinned and gutted in graphic close-up (in the uncut version anyway).

It should be noted though that the UK release of this was very heavily censored by the BBFC. So much so, it couldn't qualify as being a cannibal film, as all the gore was completely cut out of it, along with the animal killings.

If you're into these films, I guess it qualifies as a curiosity piece, as it features a number of well known genre stars from other cannibal films, most notably Ivan Rassimov, Me Me Lai and Robert Kerman and sharper eyed viewers will also notice a number of scenes lifted from earlier Cannibal movies, which were taken from "Mountain of the Cannibal God", "Last Cannibal World" and even the directors own earlier film "Deep River Savages" (guess he thought no one would notice), so you might want to check it out. But if you're not into these films, then I'd advise you steer well clear of this.

Overall Marks : 2/10 (cut or uncut, it doesn't matter, its still crap)!

Terrifying Trivia.

  • The former soft-porn star Robert Kerman (also known as Richard Bolla) had previously starred in "Cannibal Holocaust" by rival genre director Ruggero Deodato, he also went on to star in Lenzi's "Cannibal Ferox". Ivan Rassimov and former TV presenter Me Me Lai had previously starred in Lenzi's "Deep River Savages" (aka Man from Deep River) and also Deodato's "Cannibal" (aka Ultimo Mondo Cannibal).

  • Janet Agren also starred in Lucio Fulci's "City of the Living Dead".

  •  Mel Ferrer, who played Professor Carter, also played General Murcheson in Lenzi's "Nightmare City". He also appeared in Tobe Hooper's "Death Trap", which coincidentally enough was also entitled "Eaten Alive" in the US.

  • The character of "Jonas" appears to be based on cult leader Jim Jones, who operated a religious sect in Guyana in the 70s and who's followers committed mass suicide.

  • The film was passed for a UK cinema release in the early 80s in a heavily cut form, which removed most of the blood and gore and the rape scenes. This same cut version was released onto VHS on the Vampix label, it escaped inclusion on the Video Nasties List, but was withdrawn from sale following the introduction of the Video Recordings Act as it did not have a BBFC approved video certificate.

  • Released to US cinemas as "Doomed to Die", the film was retitled for its US video release as "Emerald Jungle", in an attempt to cash in on the John Boorman film "Emerald Forest"

  • The UK VHS release by Vipco in the late 80s, along with all subsequent releases in the 90s/00s were even more heavily censored than the old UK cinema version. Fearing the film would be rejected by the BBFC, the distributors cut out over 5 minutes of footage, which removed virtually every single scene of gore and cannibalism, as well as the rape scene and the animal cruelty, although the BBFC still managed to cut an additional 1s out of it, to remove the scene of the crocodile being killed. Vipco did however release the uncut version in Denmark.

  • The film has been released uncut on DVD in the US and on Mainland Europe.

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