Doom title

Tag line : No-one gets out alive!

DoomYet another tiresome big-screen adaptation of a popular video game, which really makes you wonder why they bother. In this WWF wrestler, turned action movie star, The Rock (real name Dwayne Johnson) plays the commanding officer of a group of space marines, who are transported to a research station on Mars to find out why they've sent out a distress signal.

Once there, they're told that something has attacked the scientists involved in the archaeological digs in the lower levels of the complex, but as all communication has been lost beyond the airlock, they don't know exactly what has happened or if anybody is left alive.

So into the depths they go in search of survivors, where the film quickly descends into a retread of "Aliens", with strange creatures leaping out of the dark at them. The film also gets very confusing from here-on-in, as the soldiers continually run round in circles and it becomes unclear which parts of the complex any of them are meant to be in at any given time. Not to mention all that stuff in the sub-plot about genetic experiments mutating people.

Indeed, the plot is so difficult to fathom that the film seems to waste most of its time trying to explain what's happening, rather than getting on with the action. In fact, the only decent bit of action comes right near the end where one of the soldiers goes around shooting all the monsters "video game" style from a first person perspective.

If you're a fan of the game you may enjoy this, otherwise you would probably be wise giving this confusing mess of a movie a miss. OK, "Resident Evil" may not have been a cinematic masterpiece, but at least the story was semi-cohesive. Perhaps director Andrzej Bartkowiak should stick to cinematography as he's never going to make a name for himself directing stuff like this.

Overall Marks : 3.5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag line "Hell Breaks Loose".

  • The films budget was $70,000,000.

  • The Rock was originally offered the role of John Grimm, but asked for the role of "The Sarge" as he thought it would be more interesting.

  • Richard Brake, who plays Portman, also played Scott Ridley in "Death Machine".

  • Rosamund Pike, who plays Samantha Grimm, played Miranda Frost in the James Bond film "Die Another Day".

  • Dexter Fletcher, who plays Pinky, co-incidentally used to present the popular UK Video Games review show "Games Master".

  • The character of "The Sarge" was based on "Master Sergeant Kelly" from the "Doom 3" computer game.

  • The demon that Pinky turns into was based on a monster from the computer game which had an organic front, but mechanical legs.

  • Dr. Grimm states that 10% of the human genome is yet to be mapped. However, the full human genome was actually mapped in 2003.

  • Dr Carmac and Dr Willits where named after John Carmac and Tom Willits, developers of the "Doom" series of games the film was based on.

  • Some of violence from the film was cut in the US to get an R-rating and this same cut version used for the international releases. The uncut directors version was later released onto DVD worldwide.

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