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Tag line : It's not what you's WHO you eat!

Dead MeatDirected by newcomer Connor McMahon, the film takes place in the Irish countryside where a virulent strain of mad cow disease has infected the local population and turned them into flesh eating zombies.

Unawhere of the impending danger around them, Helena (Marian Arujo) and her boyfriend Martin are driving round the area trying to find a hotel, when they accidentally run over a man staggering around in the road. However, they are extremely surprised when the dead person suddenly sits bolt upright and attacks them, leaving Martin lying in a pool of blood and Helena running for her life.

Hooking up with a local man named Desmond, who works nearby as a grave digger, and a foul mouthed Irish couple who’s 4x4 has broken down, they attempt to fight their way through the hordes of zombies as they try to make it to the next village in search of help.

Done in much the same vein as Peter Jackson’s “Bad Taste” and “Brain Dead”, my initial thoughts were "Bloody Hell an IRISH zombie film, whatever next?" But although the film, admittedly, did  start rather slowly, once it got going it didn't take too long to win me over, as soon as the zombie bashing fun began.

Proving to be very tongue on cheek, and featuring plenty of zombie mayhem, rabid cows and foul mouthed Irishmen aplenty. It’s clear that the director knows his zombie films as there are notable references to films like “Night of the Living dead”, “Living Dead at Manchester Morgue”, “Cemetery Man” and “The Crazies” etc etc. If you’re a fan of independent low budget films you’ll have a blast with this one.

Overall marks : 5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Most of the zombies were played by local people from the nearby village who they recruited in the local pub each night before shooting.

  • The scenes with the soldiers near the end of the film wearing gas masks and white decontamination suits were inspired by George Romero's "The Crazies".

  • Filmed around the village of Leitrim in the Republic of Ireland.

  • The film had a 5 week shooting schedule.

  • First Irish horror film to be filmed entirely in the country using an Irish crew and funding.

  • The dilapidated cottage near the beginning, where Helena encounters the first zombies in, was not dressed up by the film makers. All the battered furniture and ornaments were already in there when they came to film.

  • With the exception of a few extra scenes that had to be re-filmed later, the film was shot almost entirely in script order.

  • The car driven by Helena and Martin at the start of the film was actually owned by the cameraman. Being such a low budget movie they couldn't afford to purposely buy one and the cameraman was the only crewmember prepared to lend them a vehicle they could jump all over during filming.

  • The zombie that Desmond and Helena knock into the water whilst trying to cross the marsh was played by the director.

  • An additional scene was filmed at the end where one of the soldiers removes his gas mask to reveal that he's a zombie, and that some of the undead have evolved. However this was cut as the director felt it didn't work.

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