Dance of the Dead

Tag line : It's their night to come alive!

Dance of the DeadNot to be confused with the episode of the Masters of Horror TV series of the same name, this 2008 film from director Greg Bishop takes place at a town in Georgia in the US, where the local high school is preparing for its end of term prom night.

But it seems thereís mysterious rumblings in the nearby cemetery, as the dead seem to be trying to claw their way out of the graves and only the local gravedigger seems to have an inkling as to what's going on.

A group of students from the schoolís sci-fi club, who arenít going to the prom because they donít have dates (surprise, surprise) hear about something strange going on in the cemetery and decide to investigate for themselves, only to stumble into the middle of a full scale zombie outbreak, as the earth quite literally begins to spit out the dead.

Escaping to safety, they hook up with some other colleagues and their gun toting gym teacher, and make their way over to the school prom in the hopes of saving their friends from the ensuing zombie menace thatís gripping the town, but will they arrive in time?

Fast paced, full of tongue in cheek humour and gore, which seems to owe more than a few passing nods to the likes of Cemetery Man, the Return of the Living Dead films and the earlier works of Peter Jackson, this is a highly enjoyable horror comedy.

If you liked "Shaun of the Dead" or any of the other movies I mentioned then you should also enjoy this.

Bloody good fun!

Overall marks :7/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag line, "Who to go with, what to wear, how to survive?".

  • The screenplay for this was written back in 1998, before zombie movies had returned to the mainstream.

  • Filmed in and around the town of Rome, in the state of Georgia in the US.

  • The gravedigger role was specifically written for James Jarrett.

  • The line "But I don't know how to shoot a machete" was made up by actress Carissa Capobianco during her audition for the part of Gwen. The producers liked it so much they included it in the script.

  • One of the reasons the film took so long to get off the ground was because zombie films weren't in vogue at the time and Greg Bishop was only a fledgling director. It was only after the success of his films "Voodoo" and "The Other Side", combined with the fact that zombie films had since become popular again that they were able to secure financing and go into production.

  • Mark Oliver, who played the school Coach, also had a minor role in the 2010 remake of "The Crazies" playing a rescue worker.

  • Director Greg Bishop claims to have used over 100 gallons of fake blood in the making of this feature.

  • Sam Raimi liked the film so much he hand picked it for release through his new label Ghosthouse Underground, which are distributed by Lionsgate.

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