Tag Line : Ever feel like someone's watching you?

CrocodileTobe Hooper, best known for directing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, seems to have ditched trying to get back to the big time and instead has carved a niche for himself directing commercial low budget romps like this enjoyable killer croc opus.

A group of teenage friends, on holiday from college, decide to spend the spring break getting drunk and boating round some lake in Southern California. However, the lake happens to be inhabited by a rather large, not to mention unfriendly, crocodile and after they disturb its nest it decides to upturn their boat and start snacking on them.

Escaping cross-country, the survivors try to hike to safety. But it would appear that Hell hath no fury like a croc who's nest has been disturbed. As it pursues them trough the woods, carving a trail of death and destruction in it's wake, with more and more of them fall prey to rampaging rubber croc (or CGI model depending on the scene) along with a few hapless locals.

Low budget and corny, but highly enjoyable. This may be a bit of a comedown from Tobe Hooper's "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" days (it sure won't win any awards), but it's still a very fun film and is probably the best DVD I've got change for a fiver from.

Overall Marks 5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "The fear won't tear you up, but it will.", "Reality Bites!".

  • Tobe Hooper is undoubtedly best known for directing "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" His other credits include "Death Trap", "Lifeforce", the TV movie "Salem's Lot" and the Steven Spielberg film "Poltergeist".

  • Mark McLaughlin, who plays Brady, also starred in Herschell Gordon Lewis's "Blood Feast 2 : All You Can Eat".

  • The film actually started life as a sort-of sequel to Tobe Hooper's 1977 film "Death Trap" about a murderous hotel owner who used to feed his victims to the pet crocodile which lived in the swamp behind the Motel. However, the direction of the film changed so much during pre-production that this idea was eventually abandoned.

  • Harrison Young, who played Sheriff Bowman, has a long running career playing minor roles in well known films. His credits include "Waxwork 2", "Children of the Corn 4", "Bubba Ho-Tep" and "House of 1000 Corpses". He's also appeared in Larry Clark's controversial film "Ken Park" although is probably best known for playing the elderly James Ryan in "Saving Private Ryan".

  • The film was successful enough to spawn a sequel, which became "Crocodile 2 : Death Swamp" (aka "Crocodile 2 : Death Roll"). However, Tobe Hooper was not connected with that.

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