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Tag line : Your journey terminates here...

CreepOn her way home from a late night party, office worker Kate (Franka Potente) inadvertently falls asleep on the station platform whilst waiting for the last tube train home. Waking up sometime later, she finds herself locked in and trapped in the station, with no obvious way out.

Hiking down the tube tunnel in the hopes of finding a station that's still open, she soon discovers that she's not alone. It seems that something has been living in the vast network of disused service tunnels and old storage rooms beneath the old stations for many years, and needs to stock up on fresh food supplies...

Hooking up with a sanitation worker named George (Vas Blackwood), who was also captured by the strange creature, they attempt to find their way out of the nightmare maze of tunnels and get help. But with no way of knowing which way leads out, and their assailant still on the loose, escaping is going to be no easy task.

The film seems to be a reworking of the obscure 70's movie "Death Line" which also dealt with the subject of strange people living in disused portions of the underground system. But unfortunately this falls way short of the mark in terms of scare value. The film took too long to get going, the creature wasn't particularly frightening, or dominating, and just looked badly made up. The films one major scare scene fell flat on its face and failed to evoke a reaction from the audience, who just sat there in silence, and overall seemed rather dull.

A great pity considering the film had a lot of potential, it will probably play better on home video, but overall I was disappointed.

Overall marks : 4/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag line "Evil Dwells Underground".

  • The film posters, which showed a bloody hand sliding down an underground train window, were actually banned from being displayed on billboards on the London underground network as they were considered "in poor taste". This ban was later lifted, but not before the film had already premiered.

  • The majority of the film was shot at the disused underground station of Aldwych, a popular location for film and television companies to shoot at (which includes the film "Patriot Games", the BBC show "Neverwhere" and the Prodigies "Firestarter" music video). This  was redressed to look like several other stations, most notably "Down Street", which although is an abandoned station, the film makers were unable to get access to. The pit where the "creep" feeds his pet rats was part of the old lift shaft at Aldwych station.

  • It took the make-up department 7 hours to apply all Sean Harris's 'Creep' make-up and prosthetic appliances and a further 3 hours to remove it all again after shooting.

  • The platform at the beginning, which Kate falls asleep on, was the disused Jubilee branch line platform at Charing Cross station. Most of the other footage for the film was shot here, with the exception of the abandoned store full of boxes, which was an underground "deep level shelter"  built during WW2. Several of these were built at stations on the Northern Line, but are now used by the underground for document storage.

  • Franka Potente is probably best known for her roles in the films "Run Lola Run" and "Bourne Identity".

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