Cockneys Vs Zombies title

Tag line : The Undead are Brown Bread!

Cockneys Vs ZombiesWhen a group of builders unearth an ancient tomb on their construction site and foolishly decide to go inside for a look, they find the bodies within had obviously been afflicted with something far worse than the black death. As shortly afterwards, the living are turning into the walking dead and going on the rampage round the East end of London.

Meanwhile, a group of bungling bank robbers, who are unawhere of what's going on around them, are attempting to pull off a heist at their local branch. Only to emerge from the building to find a zombie outbreak in full swing.

Taking off in their getaway van, they find the undead on the march throughout the whole of the East end of London, and the authorities have sealed the area off. But with their grandparents trapped in the nearby old folks home, the group decide rather than lay low, to grab their weapons, tool up and go rescue them, producing a series of slapstick, not to mention exceptionally gory, running battles along the way.

Described as a cross between "Lock Stock..." and "Shaun of the Dead", this is without doubt the funniest damn zombie movie I've seen in ages. There's some hilarious politically incorrect humour, and a few in-jokes that the zombie film fans are bound to get as well as some thoroughly silly scenes of rival football fans, still trying to fight each other to the death long after turning undead.

Whilst the cast is headed up by younger members Harry Treadaway and Rasmus Hardiker, along with former East Enders actress Michelle Ryan, the REAL reason you'll want to see this is for veteran British actors Alan Ford, Honor Blackman, Dudley Sutton and Richard Briers battling zombies with automatic weapons and pump action shotguns, which is just so damn bizarre it has to be seen to be believed, not to mention one of the most peculiar chase sequences ever filmed, where the undead are chasing Richard Briers with his Zimmer frame round the back garden, which was just so silly I almost cried laughing.

Overall, I would say the film is bloody good fun. So if you enjoyed "Shaun of the Dead" or "Doghouse", I would definitely recommend checking this out.

Overall marks : 7/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Ave a Butchers", "Come and Get it", "This City Aint Big Enough for the Both of 'em".

  • The additional cast members who had come to play zombies all had to sit through a 5 minute training video showing them how to act like a zombie. This was included on the UK DVD release as an extra.

  • Alan Ford is probably best known for starring in British Gangster films, having appeared in "Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch".

  • Richard Briers character was added at the last minute, his daughter had been speaking on the phone to Tony Gardner, who'd just been cast as Clive, and suggested he come up and speak to the producers, who added him straight away.

  • Dudley Sutton appeared in "The Devils" with Oliver Reed, though he is probably best known for his role as Tinker in the popular British series "Lovejoy" with Ian McShane, which ran from 1986 - 1994.

  • The zombie who's leg Mickey blows off with a shotgun was played by an amputee who wore a special prosthetic leg.

  • Honor Blackman played Pussy Galore in the James Bond film "Goldfinger" and has worked consistently on British TV throughout her acting career. Her most notable role being Cathy Gale in the old 60s series "The Avengers" (NOT the Marvel film).

  • The song "Head to Head (With the Undead)", which plays over the end titles, was performed by well known British Cockney folk singers "Chas & Dave".

  • Richard Briers also starred in Kenneth Branagh's 1994 adaptation of "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein". Though he is probably best known for his role in the old BBC comedy "The Good Life".

  • The German officer seen briefly during the flashback scene of young Ray fighting in WW2 was played by noted character actor Wolf Kahler, who played German officers in "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "The Dirty Dozen Part 2" and TVs "Band of Brothers".

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