Child's Play 2 title

Tag Line : Sorry Jack...Chucky's back.

Child's Play 2Following on from the events of "Child's Play", young Andy Barclay (played once again by Alex Vincent) has been sent to live with foster parents after his mother was taken into psychiatric care, due to her ordeal from the previous film.

Unfortunately, the toy company manages to acquire the original Chucky doll and rebuilds it, in order to disprove any bad publicity surrounding their range of "Good Guy" dolls. You can guess what happens next, that's right CHUCKY'S BACK!!!!

Having returned to life, he once again goes after young Andy in order to transfer his sole over to his body and successfully manages to track him down to his new foster home. Much to the dismay of his foster parents (Gerrit Graham and Jenny Agutter) who he promptly bumps off.

Fortunately Andy isn't alone this time, after his foster sister Kyle (Christine Elise) discovers the truth about Chucky and helps get Andy away from him [hold on, isn't Kyle a boys name?]. Of course Chucky, being a resourceful type, manages to follow him and sets about bumping off numerous cast members on the way, leading to a final showdown at the "Good Guys" toy factory, which provides some of the more interesting moments from the film.

All in all this isn't a bad film, as far as low-budget horror sequels go that is, but overall it's nothing more than a continuation of the first movie. It's certainly worth a watch though, and it's good to hear Brad Douriff voicing Chucky's foul-mouth once again.

Overall Marks : 5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate Tag Line : "Look out Jack...Chucky's back"!

  • The film was only moderately successful, but has grossed in excess of $28.5m to date in the USA alone.

  • Gerrit Graham who played Andy's foster father Phil had previously played "Bud the Chud" in the horror sequel spoof "Chud 2 : Bud the Chud" and was actually credited for his appearance in the 1990 film "Night of the Cyclone" as Bud T, Chud. He also appeared as the suicidal rogue "Q" named Quinn in "Star Trek-Voyager".

  • Jenny Agutter is probably best known for her role in the 1970's film "The Railway Children" and interestingly enough, has also starred in two other screen adaptations of the book. She had also previously starred in "American Werewolf in London" and has also appeared in an uncredited role in the film "Darkman".

  • There where numerous scenes cut from the original theatrical version of this film, however they where re-instated for screening on the US TV networks.

  • These included Two different scenes with Joanne and Phil discussing Andy and the adoption agency letting them keep the children they adopt.
    An argument between two men in the dark after the worker is electrocuted and the sound of Chucky running. The man lands differently after smashing through the glass window after being electrocuted.
    Before the assistant calls his girlfriend, he calls his wife and tells her he has to work late.
    A different ending shows Chucky's face being created through the machines, then Chucky gives an evil smile, much like the beginning of Child's Play 3.
    A scene where Kyle stops in an alleyway to search for the newspaper delivery truck with Andy and Chucky in it.
    Kyle assures Andy that he can make his way past the eyeball machine while trying to escape the factory.
    Kyle tells Chucky "playtime's over" just before he gets disfigured.

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