AKA The Children

Tag line : It only takes 5 to hold a town in terror....

Children of RavensbackA cloud of toxic gas leaks from a nearby nuclear plant which envelopes a bus full of kids on their way home from school. Shortly afterwards, the town sheriff comes across the school bus, abandoned with the engine still running, at the side of the road.

With no sign of the children or the bus driver, the sheriff hastily puts up road blocks and begins a manhunt with his deputies. But as they proceed to search the town, they begin to turn up an alarming amount of dead bodies, all bearing horrible burn marks.

Yes it seems that the mysterious toxic cloud has had an adverse affect on the kids and turned them all into radioactive mutant killers. Whose badly manicured hands, complete with black nail varnish, can char broil a would be victim at the slightest touch.

But rather than contact the State Police for assistance, it seems the Sheriff would rather tackle the problem with the help of his friend John (guess the films budget couldn't stretch for extra actors to play additional policemen?).

Low budgeted and exceptionally corny, the film is an excellent slice of 80's B-movie horror fare, which is definitely worth viewing.

Overall marks : 5/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Alternate tag lines "Thank god they're somebody else's", "Something terrible has happened to the children....pray you never meet them".

  • Filmed on location in the town of Great Barrington in Massachusetts.

  • The films score was provided by Harry Manfredini, who also composed the soundtrack to Friday the 13th.

  • Two of the children, Ellen and Tommy, where the children of producer Carlton Albright.

  • Max Kalmanowicz has directed only one other film, 1984's "Dreams Come True". He does however still work in film and television, primarily as a sound mixer.

  • Production manager David Platt went onto become a successful TV director, most notably on the various "Law and Order" TV shows.

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