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Tag line : If You've Got A Taste For Terror... Take Carrie To The Prom.

CarrieOne of the better Stephen King adaptations, this cult 70's horror film from director Brian DePalma stars a young Sissy Spacek as the films lead character Carrie White. A somewhat dysfunctional young schoolgirl, who's the product of an abusive single mother with a penchant for bible bashing, as well as bashing people with her bible.

Disliked and ridiculed by her fellow classmates, we soon find out that there is something more to young Carrie being 'different' than just social ineptitude. As people who upset her start to have minor mishaps whenever she gets angry with them.

When the teacher dishes out a class punishment to the other students for their bad behaviour towards her, one of the more mean minded girls, played by a young Nancy Allen, decides to play one last evil prank on her in front of the whole school.

However, this proves to be the catalyst which causes young Carrie to unleash a deadly fury in which all hell literally breaks loose at the high school prom, in one of the most memorable cinematic climaxes ever. Giving a new meaning to the term "fire and brimstone".

Also starring P.J. Soles (Nancy from "Halloween"), William Katt (Who you may remember from horror comedy "House") and an extremely youthful John Travolta in one of his first big screen roles, this is an excellent supernatural horror film, which still holds up against most modern day films of this ilk.  I would wholeheartedly recommend this to all fans of cult horror films and Stephen King stories.

The film also spawned a belated sequel in 1999 entitled "The Rage", as well as a US TV remake in 2002, though both were critically panned and considered unworthy successors to DePalma's original.

Overall marks : 6/10.

Terrifying Trivia.

  • Carrie was the first Stephen King novel to be adapted into a film.

  • The films budget was $1,800,000

  • Most of the cast had actually gone along to audition for Star Wars, as Brian DePalma was holding his auditions with George Lucas, who was casting for his film at the same time. Basically, DePalma watched each member auditioning for Lucas's film, then asked the ones he rejected to try out for his movie. William Katt and Amy Irving, who were cast as Sue and Tommy, had originally gone along to audition for Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, but ended up getting the roles in DePalma's film instead.

  • This was John Travolta's feature film debut.

  • Though having directed several films before this, "Carrie" was Brian DePalma's first major success.

  • Nancy Allen also played Officer Ann Lewis in the "Robocop" films.

  • Some US TV versions used an alternate take on the opening "shower room" scene in which most of the girls are clothed or covered up, as well as fogging out or cropping some background nudity. This version has since disappeared and more recent US TV versions use the original theatrical opening, but digitally "fog out" or paint underwear onto the naked actresses in the offending shots.

  • The young lad who Carrie makes fall off his bike was played by Brian DePalma's young nephew Cameron.

  • Originally there was an opening scene where a young Carrie makes a shower of gravel rain down on the house after becoming upset, however this didn't look right and was cut. At the end of the film, the house was supposed to be destroyed by a shower of rocks, which tied into the earlier scene, but the machine pelting rocks down on the house failed and as they were pressed for time, they decided to set fire to it instead. Stills of the first scene are included on the special edition DVD.

  • The "nightmare" scene at the end of the film was not in the original novel and was tacked on by the film makers.

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